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Don't we all want to rock out like Dave Grohl?

The Dave Grohl Community
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Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave

Hey, welcome to the Dave Grohl Community on Livejournal, a place to talk about our favorite Foo Fighters frontman. Spam and off topic posts will be promptly deleted. Be courteous and please refrain from bitching.
Thank you.

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Dave Grohl Mini Biography

Name: David Eric Grohl

Height: 6'0"

DOB: 01.14.69

POB: Warren, Ohio

Status: Married

Job: Professional Punching Bag

First Concert? Naked Raygun, at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.

Describe your job to Forrest Gump: "How many times do I have to repeat myself to you idiot? I WAS IN NIRVANA!"

Have you accepted the lord as your personal saviour? Yeah...Traci Lords!

How Long Have you Been with the Band and why? Since day one.....and they keep pulling me back in!

Hobbies(golf does not count)? Skeet shooting, speeding in residential areas, and halo.

Favorite thing about touring? The sleep deprivation.

Favorite TV Show? Sopranos

Favorite Band? Led Zeppelin

Favorite Album? Physical Graffiti

Worst Thing to Happen on Tour? Running out of Crown Royal.

Favorite fan/weirdo? Mika.

I like to eat... Meat, bitch!

Favorite Foo Crew Member and why? Smave, cause we's homies.

Sean Cox likes to eat... All the time.

Funniest thing I ever heard Nate say? The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Favorite Dave haircut? (Postboard fodder, yes) Next....

Dream tour lineup? (foos and ?) QOTSA, Zeppelin reunion.

My favorite Queen song is... Under Pressure (or Get Down Make Love)

Favorite venue in the world? Black Cat, D.C.

Best catering at a gig ever... Bridge School BBQ.

If I could say one thing to Shania Twain, it would be... Is Mutt Lang circumcized?

If I could be the lighting guy, I would... Blind you.

My only complaint about the Foos is... They're funny lookin'.

Describe at length, why our soundman, Bryan Worthen is afraid of midgets... Blatant insecurity.

On my XMAS list this year is... A DAY OFF!

If I didn't tour with the Foos, I'd be... Bummed.